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Healing is a natural process. Happiness and wellbeing are your birthrights. As the founder and president of Heart of Wellness my mission is to serve you in remembering and revitalizing your own innate connection to health, happiness and wellbeing.

I care about your wellbeing at all levels. I am dedicated to helping you find truly holistic healing – healing for the whole of you at all levels of your being.

I also know you are probably tired of the hassle, run-around, confusion and lack of communication between providers you are getting while trying to achieve your health and wellness goals in the midst of a failing healthcare system. That is why I have created Heart of Wellness – so that you can get the truly integrative and truly collaborative medical care you deserve, without having to fight for it.

My prayer for you is that you may find the deepest and widest healing available to you in any moment, that you may find peace in your heart, and that you may LET GO and LET GOD and SAY YES to your everyday life becoming the inspired expression of the REAL HAPPINESS and TRUE WELLBEING that is your birthright.

“I highly recommend Fred Klemmer as an accomplished healer and practitioner.  I have witnessed and experienced his high level of skill, presence, compassion, and effectiveness as a healer.”  Mark Hoch, MD, Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

What Our Patients Are Saying

Gloria B.

I have found that Fred approaches his craft from a position of good solid knowledge mixed with intuition and his ethic of finding the highest good for each recipient. His care is empowering! I am hopeful for my future health and owe some of this to his care. Thank you Fred.

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Gloria B.
Sky M.

Fred takes the time to listen, to explain what he is doing and to make sure I am involved in my treatment at each step. He goes above and beyond, offering stretching exercises and other self care techniques.

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Sky M.

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