Are you proficient in primary care, familiar with functional medicine and willing to participate in team-based collaborative care? Have you been looking for an opportunity to focus on patient care without worrying about what it takes to run a business? Have you been looking for an opportunity to focus on patient care without worrying about what it takes to run a business? Do you want the short-term security of being an employee but also desire the long-term security of an ownership interest in a group practice? If so then Heart of Wellness could be your next clinical home.

As of February 2017, we are currently seeking:

• a functionally trained MD/DO/ND/ARNP
• a PT with training in mind-body medicine
• a deep-tissue focused LMT with Regence credentialing

At Heart of Wellness we are dedicated to re-imagining the health-care experience for both patients and clinicians. We offer truly holistic and truly integrative care in a collaborative setting. We are looking for team members to join our rapidly growing primary care oriented multi-specialty integrative group practice.

Let us do all the hard work that it takes to market your services, build a patient panel and to run a thriving medical clinic. That way you can focus on being the best clinician you can be.

Some advantages of joining our team:

• Multiple highly experienced physicians and other clinicians already on staff
• Collaboration made easy & rewarding
• Our clinicians are generally full to capacity – we need you NOW
• Marketing & promotion to rapidly grow your patient base
• A full-service practice management & office staff team

We have a compensation plan optimized both for short-term and for long-term prosperity:

• Initial guaranteed monthly salary if you prefer
• Base salary based on a percentage of collections
• Yearly bonuses based on positive clinic cash-flow
• Option to enter into group practice ownership
Sale of ownership shares provides income when you retire

We are a mission-driven company, and we are seeking team members who are as committed as we are to the following principles:

• functionally oriented primary care medicine
• team-based care
• multidisciplinary collaboration

• truly holistic healing
• compassionate care
• patient education and empowerment
• access to the best care for all patients
• sustainable profitability
• prosperity for all team members
• helping create a better health care system

If hired you will be required to participate in regular formal and informal opportunities for collaboration. You will also be required to participate in networking and promotional or community engagement activities such as giving public talks, engaging with potential patients in open-house or health-fair environment, and networking with other clinicians by scheduling direct meetings and/or engaging in networking group meetings.

Our gorgeous timber-framed building is set in an urban oasis just minutes from downtown Olympia and includes a large number of spacious exam/treatment rooms, a shared office space and break room, a very comprehensive medicinary, and room to expand as we grow.

Olympia is a beautiful, progressive, relaxed and family-friendly town with a growing patient base, good schools and a low cost of living.

Washington is a very progressive state in terms of interest in and support for natural medicine. Naturopaths are considered primary care providers, state law requires that most naturopathic services are covered under most insurance plans, and reimbursement levels are good.

FredKlemmer-sq2Contact: Fred Klemmer, Founder and President



A testimonial from one of our newer team members:

I’ve been a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist for the past 19 years.  After selling my practice last September, I decided to join the folks at Heart of Wellness, and I haven’t looked back.  I’m loving that I can devote my time in clinic to patient care, and not have to manage the day to day workings of running a practice.  The administrators have been incredibly supportive and easy to work with, and I’m enjoying being part of a team of clinicians and staff that prioritizes collaboration and mutual support.  Lastly, the clinic space is beautiful, and It’s a pleasure to come to work  there.   I look forward to having additional clinicians join us, as we’re breaking ground on a new model of integrative health care.  
– David Lerner, LAc, EAMP, MTCM