Why Massage Therapy?

Do you have a nagging injury that has been slow to heal or keeps coming back?

Do you want to be free of pain and stress, regain your posture and freedom of movement and restore your vitality?

All this is possible with the help of our massage and myofascial release practitioners.

Our massage and myofascial release practitioners are highly trained in myofascial release and injury focused orthopedic massage. In addition to being very relaxing, a series of treatments from with one of our practitioners can really make a significant and lasting difference in your healing or recovery and in your health and well-being in general.

At Heart of Wellness, massage and myofascial release is an integral part of our mission to provide “Healing for the Whole You.” Our massage and myofascial release services integrate directly with the services of our primary care physicians and our acupuncturists in order to support you in a holistic, individualized treatment plan. You may schedule massage and myofascial release on its own or in addition to our other services. Our practitioners preferred providers with most major insurance networks.



What is it Effective For?



Meet Our Practitioners

Gary Black, LMP
Myofascial Release Therapy

Gary Black is a Licensed Massage Practitioner specializing in John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®. His desire is to empower people and facilitate healing for a pain-free active lifestyle.

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Amy Howell, OTR/L
Myofascial Release Therapy

Amy Howell, OTR/L has been working and learning as a registered and licensed occupational therapist since 1994. It is her desire and mission to assist you in achieving your optimal desired level of health, well-being, and active lifestyle from wherever you are now.

Her personal life-long mission is to strive for “just how good can I feel?” The possibilities are infinite. It is her desire to help you discover your potential for feeling good and finding your path to whole mind/body wellness in ways that our current healthcare system does not address.

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Manuela Egolf, LMP
Injury Rehabilitation Massage

Manuela believes in the body’s natural abilities to heal itself and considers massage therapy as a pathway to restoring health and vitality to the body, mind and spirit.

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