Optimal Health Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information can be found in the Optimal Health Program Membership Agreement

If you have a question not answered here or in the membership agreement please call us at (360) 570-0401 or send us an email at info@heartofwellness.org.

  • I am a new cash-pay patient. Do I need to sign up for the membership program?
    • No, you can pay our already-discounted cash rates. The membership program just offers you even more for less money.
  • I have insurance. I understand that I can’t submit the membership fees to insurance. Why would I want to sign up for this program?
    • Many people have high deductible insurance. They may not meet their deductible unless something catastrophic happens. If you are one of these people you may find that our membership program offers you many more services for much less money than it would take to pay off your deductible.
  • If I use my membership rather than insurance, do I still pay a copay for each visit?
    • No! When you use your membership you pay only your membership fees, not per visit. Please see the membership contract for a detailed list of included services. Non-listed services are not included.
  • When does the program start?
    • Anytime you want!
  • I am ready to sign up. Do I need to wait for the beginning of the month or can I start now?
    • You can start at any time. Your monthly cycle begins when we approve your membership, which can often be done the same business day you sign up.
  • Are fees paid in advance or at the end of the month?
    • All fees are paid at the end of each monthly cycle (starting when we approve your membership) except for the one-time registration fee which is due at signing.
  • Do supervised functional medicine visits with David Lerner LAc count as visits with the supervising physician?
    • Yes!
  • What if I don’t want to work with a health coach or nutritionist? Can I pay less or substitute something else?
    • Our membership program is designed to provide comprehensive support for you to realize your own optimal health. For that reason we do not allow substitutions other than what is already included in the program.
  • Do you offer any spouse or family discounts?
    • Not at this time. Our margins on this membership plan are so low that we don’t know if it will be profitable. If we can afford to do so then we will offer family discounts starting in 2018.
  • I don’t think my child needs acupuncture or massage. Do you have any separate plans for kids?
    • Not at this time. We may decide to offer them in 2018.