Ease Your Pain Mindfully

with Michelle Walz, MPT 

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Are you ready to change your relationship with pain?

Join Michelle Walz, MPT for a class designed to help you change your relationship with pain, ultimately leading to less pain and suffering. We will discuss how pain works in the body & nervous system, learn how the nervous system processes pain differently when pain persists beyond normal healing times, explore how stress and anxiety can feed our pain, and practice a variety of mindfulness and yoga techniques that can help reduce pain and suffering.

Each class will be held at Heart of Wellness in person for the following dates: 

  • Thursday, June 1st  / 6pm-7pm
  • Thursday, June 8th / 6pm-7pm
  • Thursday, June 15th / 6pm-7pm
  • Thursday, June 22nd / 6pm-7pm

This 4 LIVE 1-hour course normally goes for $250, but is available for just $200! 

Space is limited so reserve your spot today! 

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Michelle has been a PT for over 20 years and a yoga instructor for 10 years. She lives with pain in her own body and enjoys sharing with others what she has learned along the way. Her approach to movement is very gentle and her goal is to make traditional mindfulness and yoga practices easy to implement into your busy life.

4 LIVE 1-Hour Sessions Covering:

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How pain works in our bodies: How stress, anxiety and chronic pain can shift how pain is processed in our nervous system. How research supports yoga and mindfulness in the treatment of chronic pain.


Breath centered meditation: Simply observing your breath in a mindful way can help shift your nervous system out of fight or flight and into the rest and digest mode.


Body scan: Observing sensations in the body in an open, curious and non judgmental way can allow you to shift your relationship to pain.


Progressive relaxation: Sometimes it can be easier to learn to relax a body part by first tensing it and then as you relax noticing how the absence of tension feels.


Gentle yoga: There is a misconception that a person needs to be super flexible and strong to practice yoga. The practice of yoga will be explored in a gentle, accessible way inviting the practice to adapt to the needs of your body instead of molding your body to fit the practice.


Ways to easily implement mindful moments into your day: Mindfulness can be a formal and informal practice. We will explore what it is like to go about our normal daily activities in a mindful way bringing more peace and compassion to seemingly mundane tasks.

This 4 LIVE 1-hour course normally goes for $250,
but is available for just $200! 

Space is limited so reserve your spot today!