Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (Avemar pulvis)

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) is derived from a patented industrial fermentation of wheat germ. It was formulated by a scientist from Hungary, where it is approved as a “medical nutriment” for cancer patients. FWGE contains a number of substances that are believed to have a positive cancer fighting effect. Two of these compounds, both a type of quinone, have shown “cancer fighting” effects in lab and human studies. In addition to halting the growth of cancer cells, some studies have shown the quinones found in FWGE might interfere or halt the migration of certain types of cancer cells.

FWGE has been studied as both a complement used alongside cancer drugs and as a stand alone nutritional supplement. Findings indicate that in both populations of people there was significant improvement. Those who opted for conventional cancer treatment and those who chose a different treatment route both benefited from the addition of FWGE.

While this news holds promise for FWGE as a non-toxic complementary therapy in cancer treatment, more research is needed to determine:

What are the physiological action(s) by which FGWE works in the human body?
For whom FGWE is a safe and effective option?
Which types of cancer FGWE can be used against?
What are the side effects and risk for interactions with other health conditions, as well as other herbs, supplements, or prescription drugs?

There is currently a discussion happening in the scientific world about whether FWGE should remain classified as a nutritional supplement or be elevated to a cancer drug. More research is needed before this can be determined. FWGE is typically dosed as a powder in water and the dose varies by individual. As with any new therapy, a discussion should be had with your holistic doctor before using FWGE.


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