Mark Fredericksen ND



When someone comes to the clinic with symptoms or a diagnostic label, it tells a whole story with roots and tendrils that reaches into every aspect of a person’s life – heart, body, mind, soul, and social fabric. In Dr. Mark’s twenty-five years as a naturopathic physician he has never forgotten this truth. He encourages every patient to look deep into all possible imbalances that may contribute to a weakened health story.

Dr. Mark strives to help individuals find their path to the life they were born to live – a long, vibrant, and healthy life. To do this, he looks at a patient biologically, energetically, chemically, mentally, genetically, socially, and spiritually. With Dr. Mark, patients find a clinician that is attentive, compassionate, and involves his patients in the discernment process while providing guidance, insight, and information along the way.

Dr. Mark offers affordable and achievable steps to health, while maintaining encouragement every step of the way to reach success over stuck patterns and symptoms.

Areas of Interest

  • General Practice
  • Mood Problems
  • GI Issues
  • Hormonal Issues

Dr. Mark can be seen at the Heart of Wellness clinic in Tumwater, WA. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call 360-570-0401.

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Open Monday-Friday 8AM-12PM / 1PM-6PM

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