For those of you who might just be learning about flower essences, this is a system of plant-based remedies designed to promote and balance emotional well-being. The flower essence therapy was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach. He designed Flower Essence Therapy to be as simple as possible, “I want to make it as simple as this: If I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from the garden; if I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus.” There were 38 original remedies with details provided on how to use them. Dr. Bach promoted the idea that flower essences could be used by anyone alongside the care given by their family doctor. Regulators agreed and so this medicine has always been available on the open market for anyone to use.

One of the flower essences, Star of Bethlehem, is described as a remedy for states of grief and shock. Dr. Bach described it as. “For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, and such like.” Whether from a current event or stemming from the past, Star of Bethlehem may provide comfort and calm in the storm of distress or unhappiness.


The Story of Bach Flower Remedies:

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