Thomas Griffith, ND

Dr. Thomas Griffith is a graduate of the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR. His training to become a licensed primary care physician in the State of Washington included integrative medical clerkship and residency with supervising ND’s and MD’s. His patients know him as “Doc Griffith” and his practice has been a central hub of the greater Olympia area holistic medical community since 2006.

His practice has provided high quality, patient centered primary care across the spectrum of conditions and his experience has helped guide safe and effective treatment and prevention that the community has relied upon. Areas of specialty include:

  • Men’s and Women’s hormonal health (Andropause, Menopause, Thyroid disorders)
  • Cardiovascular Conditions (hypertension, hypercholesterol, atherosclerosis)
  • Cancer supportive care
  • Skin cancer evaluation and biopsy
  • Sinus conditions
  • Migraine headache relief with SPG block
  • Trigger point injections for musculoskeletal pain and tension

As a long term survivor of stage III colon cancer, Dr. Griffith has spent considerable time in the role of patient. This motivates his passion to cultivate compassion and humanity in his interactions with patients. The medical process can deepen traumatic wounds and his patient approach and patient advocacy is valued by those navigating complex and serious diagnoses. A physician can fight disease, but facilitating “healing” requires building respect, trust and working together. He is honored that his patients give him the opportunity to help.

Dr. Griffith’s work with patients and their providers assures competent, complete and empowered care based on the broadest spectrum of options.

Dr. Griffith is a native of Western Washington and loves this place we call home. When not caring for patients, he enjoys meditating, yoga, hiking and backpacking in the Olympics and spending time at the coast.


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What Patients Are Saying

“In the years I have seen Dr. Griffith for various medical issues he has been very helpful in remediating and treating the problems. I find him to be willing to take the time to research and address in a holistic way the symptoms and causes of problems. Unlike other physicians I have relied upon, he takes the time to get to know you as a person and prescribes treatment not merely from a pharmaceutical (drugs) position, but treats the problem from other standpoints, diet etc. He however is quite informed and able to prescribe drugs if necessary to the overall treatment. I have been very satisfied with Dr. Griffith’s work and unhesitatingly recommend him to you.“

Dennis K.

“After experiencing limited and incremental relief for my frozen shoulder from other types of treatments over the course of eight months, Dr Griffith suggested trigger point treatment. Each of his injections showed immediate, dramatic, and lasting results both in terms of freedom of movement and pain reduction. Months after a series of six injections I now have roughly 98% of full function in my shoulder, and would likely be at 100% had I been better about doing my exercises. It seems like magic!”

Jeff D.

“Dr Griffith is an amazing doctor. He listens to you and assesses accordingly to your needs. You can tell he genuinely wants to get you the help you need. I haven’t been sleeping well and had other issues going on and he ordered labs. These labs were on every type of issue it could be such as thyroid, cholesterol, etc. I would definitely recommend Dr Griffith for your care.”

– Jennifer N.


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