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Chromium: an Important Mineral for Health

Essential to overall health, the mineral Chromium supports our daily energy level, manages metabolism of [...]

Tasty Turmeric

The bright golden-orange spice in curry and mustard comes from turmeric, a tasty herb with [...]

Chia Seeds: Tiny Powerhouse

Chia seeds were prized by ancient cultures as a source of sustainable energy. In fact, [...]

Sweet and Healthy Cinnamon

Naturally sweet cinnamon revives our senses with its wonderful aroma and can enhance health with [...]

Dates: An Ancient Treat for Modern Times

Oddly wrinkled, with a single pit in the center, dates (Phoenix dactylifera) have been a [...]

You’re Sweet Enough Without the Added Sugar

Do you enjoy a no-sugar-added soda with dinner every night? What about a low-sugar, high [...]

Triple Threat against Diabetes: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium & Vanadium

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you know there are multiple approaches to managing [...]

Warm Feet, Cold Feet: Health Benefits of Contrast Hydrotherapy

A contrast hydrotherapy foot bath (CHFB) is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system, [...]

Love Those Lentils!

Around the world, people of all cultures enjoy the health benefits of lentils, part of [...]

Simple Guidelines for Preventing & Managing Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus (DM), or even pre-diabetes, life isn’t over, but [...]

Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia)

A cousin of watermelon, cucumber and pumpkin, bitter melon looks like a large cucumber with [...]

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