Relieve pain and stress, regain posture and freedom of

movement, recover from injury, unwind, increase vitality,

restore confidence and abilities

…a journey to authentic healing.


Why Myofascial Release Therapy?

Do you have a nagging injury that has been slow to heal or keeps coming back?

Do you want to be free of pain and stress, regain your posture and freedom of movement and restore your vitality?

All this is possible with the help of our myofascial release practitioners.

Our myofascial release practitioners are highly trained in myofascial release and injury focused orthopedic massage. In addition to being very relaxing, a series of treatments from with one of our practitioners can really make a significant and lasting difference in your healing or recovery and in your health and well-being in general.

At Heart of Wellness, myofascial release is an integral part of our mission to provide “Healing for the Whole You.” Our myofascial release services integrate directly with the services of our primary care physicians and our acupuncturists in order to support you in a holistic, individualized treatment plan. You may schedule myofascial release on its own or in addition to our other services. Our practitioners are preferred providers with most major insurance networks.


Do you know what your fascia is?

Fascia is one continuous three dimensional web of connective tissue that supports and surrounds every muscle, muscle fiber, cell, nerve, blood vessel, and organ of your body. It extends from head to toe and has the ability to exert 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch, which can put tremendous pressure on pain-sensitive structures and diminish the vital functions of the body when restricted. It can affect the whole body or another part that is seemingly unrelated.  Fascial restrictions do not show up on any diagnostic tests, such as an X-ray, MRI, CAT scan, myelogram, or EMG. Often, people are only treated for their symptoms without ever finding or treating the underlying cause of these symptoms, thus symptoms often persist.


What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release is a safe, gentle and effective, advanced form of body/mind work that works to release restrictions in the fascial system. At Heart of Wellness, treatment is performed by a licensed Occupational Therapist or Licensed Massage Practitioner who have been trained in the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®. Treatment is done directly on the skin without oils or lotion, it consists of the gentle application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions. Through ongoing assessment, the therapist searches for the cause while treating the symptoms thus supporting each person on a journey to authentic healing. Many people who have exhausted all resources, finding only temporary results within conventional medicine and therapies, discover the support they need from myofascial release…there is hope.


Who can benefit from myofascial release?

Everyone can benefit from myofascial release. You can even learn how to treat yourself on a regular basis. Releasing the “straight-jacket” of pressure can help to eliminate pain, stiffness and restricted motion that will allow your body to function properly and heal itself. Fascial strains slowly tighten as a result of physical and emotional trauma, inflammation, repetitive motion or activity, or postural alignment issues and can cause dysfunction in the body. Over time, these fascial strains may have a cumulative effect on the whole person. This dysfunction is energetically exhausting and diminishes your ability to live your full potential every single day 24/7. There are often many global benefits of myofascial release that occur even when intending to treat a specific problem; as the fascial system is a whole body system and can affect many aspects of our health. Releasing the pressure in one area will release the overall pressure in the whole body enabling you to naturally return to a desirable state of improved health. We recognize each person as a unique individual and that any diagnosis is simply a description of the symptoms that a person has that we can use to communicate. We treat the whole person.


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How can it help you?


age-related issues


back and cervical pain

cancer support

carpal tunnel syndrome

chronic fatigue syndrome

chronic or acute pain

digestive dysfunction

emotional issues



headaches and migraines

myofascial pain (fasciitis)

neurological dysfunction

oral pain

orthopedic problems

other connective-tissue


pediatric issues




repetitive and overuse


restricted motion

scar release/adhesions



sinus issues

sports injuries

sprains and strains


stroke and brain injury

temporal mandibular joint

syndrome (TMJ)


trauma recovery




women’s health issues

More Myofascial Release Therapy Information

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  • You Tube: Myofascial Release – John Barnes (10 videos)
  • You Tube: “Strolling under the Skin,” ”Muscle Attitudes,” and “Interior Architechtures” – for viewingfascinating video of living fascia under digital microphotography presented by the French researcher
  • Jean Claude Guimberteu – The latest research about fascia!


Meet Our Practitioners

Gary Black, LMT
Myofascial Release Therapy

Gary Black is a licensed massage practitioner (LMP) specializing in the John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®. Gary initially discovered myofascial release as a holistic approach to his own struggles with stress, pain and fatigue. He found it to be such a wonderfully comprehensive solution for health and wellbeing in his life that he changed careers in order to help others feel the the same level of renewal and vitality that he was feeling. 

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