We use two different patient portal systems. Each system is optimized to serve you in your different needs. Please read the information below carefully so you can access all your information quickly and easily communicate with our teams.


View your treatment plans, lab results, and other health information using Elation Passport.

Please use Elation Passport to communicate via an encrypted and HIPAA-compliant messaging system with your clinician team and all our other team members except the billing team.

The Elation Passport is also where you will receive your Zoom link infomation for scheduled telehealth visits with your healthcare provider.




View your statement, see how much was covered by insurance and how much is owed out-of-pocket. Your statement is kept as up-to-date as charges are settled by your insurance.

Pay securely online using the Advanced MD Patient Portal.

Please also use the Advanced MD Patient Portal to communicate with our billing team.

You may also use the Advanced MD Patient Portal to schedule an appointment or fill out forms for an upcoming appointment.