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Gut Health with Laura Woodworth, RDN

Join Laura as she dives into the anatomy of the digestive tract, the process of digestion, and some of the common things that can go awry for people who follow the standard American diet in this webinar.  

Putting Chronic Pain Relief in Your Hands with Jeffrey Foucrier PT, DPT, OCS

Join Jeff as he provides insight on some of the common causes of chronic pain and offers approaches on how you can manage this ailment in this webinar.  

Recurring Back Pain: Helping You Get Back Into Action! with Maia O’Brien, PT

Join Maia as she discusses some common causes of back pain and gives some ideas on how you can tackle this common ailment or head it off all together in this webinar.  

Headaches: Rethinking Your Habits Can Lead to Relief with Jeff Foucrier, DPT

Join Jeff as he discusses how many headaches have underlying causes and how rethinking your habits can lead to relief in this webinar.  

The Wahl’s Protocol with David Lerner, LaC, MTCM

Join David as he shares the benefits of the Wahl’s Protocol–a new way to approach and treat chronic disease, especially auto-immune disorders, using diet and lifestyle modifications. 

Sleep & Wellness for Overall Health & Wellbeing with Dr. Morgan Schuster, ND

Learn about sleep disorders, what causes them, and discover ways you can prevent sleep issues or restore quality sleep with Dr. Schuster.

Fasting & How ProLon Can Support Your Health with David Lerner, LaC, MTCM featuring Dr. James Kelly, MD

David welcomes Dr. James Kelly, MD, medical liaison for L-Nurta. Dr. Kelly shares the benefits of the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and how it can benefit health and longevity.

Anti-inflammatory Diet and Eating for Overall Wellness – with Dr. Morgan Schuster & Laura Woodworth, MSN, RDN

Dr. Schuster and Laura have an engaging discussion about anti-inflammatory foods including their benefits in encouraging good health, preventing disease and the immune supportive nature of some foods.

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