Heart of Wellness Non-Billable Services

The True Cost of Better Medicine

At Heart of Wellness we are committed to providing exceptional care that goes well beyond what is conventionally available. Our team of experienced clinicians makes every effort to really understand you and your situation and to identify and resolve the root causes of your illness or injury. Our goal is not just to treat your symptoms but also help you optimize your health and to empower you in your healing journey.

Unfortunately this kind care is significantly undervalued within the conventional medical system. In order support the unconventionally exceptional care we provide we also charge additional fees for services that are not billable to insurance.

These non-billable service fees pay only for services that are not billable to insurance. These fees do not pay for any of the medical services that are payable at the time of service or billable to insurance. Please see our Pricing Page for a listing of our medical services and their costs.

Even though our non-billable service fees do not pay for any medical services they are very important to everything we do because they allow us stay in business without compromising on the quality of care we provide.

Option 1: Annual Membership

All Non-Billable Services Included Year-Around

The easiest and most cost-effective way of paying for the non-billable services we provide is through our Annual Membership.
As a member, you get ongoing year-around access to the following non-billable services:
  • Non-urgent access to your collaborative care team via a secure patient portal
  • Lab, prescription, imaging, referral, other support
  • Health education and coaching programs
  • Supplement discounts
  • Individuals: $100/yr
  • Couples: $150/yr
  • Single Parent Family: $130/yr
  • Two Parent Family: $180/yr
  • Each Additional Adult: $60/yr
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Option 2: Pay as You Go

Pay a $50 Fee for Two Weeks of Non-Billable Services after each Physician Visit and Other Times As-Needed

If you choose this option you pay a fee that covers the cost of most non-billable services for a two week period following a physician visit or when these services are otherwise incurred throughout the year. This is a great option for those patients who may only see their doctor annually and who do not have any other needs during the year.

Each $50 fee pays for two weeks of the following non-billable services:

  • Non-urgent access to your collaborative care team via a secure patient portal
  • Lab, prescription, imaging, referral and other support

The PAY AS YOU GO fees do not include:

  • Access to Wellness Education and Coaching Programs
  • Supplement discounts

If choose this PAY AS YOU GO option and you have ongoing needs such as prescriptions or referrals, or if you want to communicate as needed with your care team, each instance will trigger a new fee. In this case it is much more cost effective to pay for non-billable services via a yearly membership.

$50 for two weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can pay for visits and all medical services using cash or with the help of your insurance depending on if our clinicians are in-network with your insurance plan. The non-billable service fees pay only for a range services that are not typically paid for by insurance. If you do have insurance, paying for non-billable services does not in any way alter your responsibilities under your insurance contract. You are still responsible for meeting your deductible and for paying all copays or coinsurance.

We understand why you might think this, but the best analogy is really that we are becoming more like local farms that use Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in order to ensure stable cash-flows so they can compete with much larger industrialized farms. Just like a CSA program we see our membership program as creating a win-win for us and our patients.

You will not incur any fees for non-billable services as long as you are only working with a non-physician providers. These include our physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapist and nutritionist.