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Struggling with digestive conditions that keep you chained to a toilet is no way to live. If you’ve been constantly plagued by gas and bloating, painful cramping, diarrhea or constipation, or acid reflux and heartburn, you know what a disruption these symptoms can cause. Planning your life around finding a bathroom, painful flare-ups and lasting discomfort have become a way of life for too many people. As your digestive health suffers, other seemingly unrelated symptoms may occur, as your body can no longer compensate. Systemic inflammation, allergies, joint and muscle pain, headaches, brain-fog and emotional instability can all be traced back to an unhealthy guy. Ultimately, your mental health begins to suffer as you struggle to manage these symptoms as a way of life.

Often people attempt to manage their symptoms with over the counter medication. When that doesn’t work, they might reach out to a doctor for something prescription-strength. At some point surgery is considered, but even surgery isn’t guaranteed to offer lasting relief. And often the side effects of long-term medication use or surgery are just as bad as the condition–or worse. When your doctor doesn’t offer other options beyond symptomatic treatments, it can feel disheartening. And symptomatic treatments that allow underlying issues to continue will cause  stress to the digestive system and cause other systems of the body to suffer as well.

There is another way. Root cause resolution treats the problem at the source, focusing on the causes, not just the symptoms. Root causes are complex. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms across the body can share the same root cause. Similar symptom presentations can also result from different root causes. And the same symptoms can have different root causes in different people or even the same person at different times.

Our bodies are complex ecosystems and the interconnection with our gut with the rest of our body is nothing short of miraculous. The lining of the gut is one of the most complex organs in our whole body and the interaction between it and the normal microbial flora that inhabit it has a major impact on the immune system, the endocrine (hormone) system, and indeed, our whole body. Understanding the complex relationships between the gut and the rest of the body can help a clinician pinpoint the cause of an unhealthy gut, and help you toward your journey of healing.

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