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Telemedicine for Your Health

Are you unsure about how to stay healthy during this pandemic and Are you unsure [...]

Staying Healthy Through Food and Lifestyle

The global pandemic we are experiencing has very acutely highlighted the importance of staying healthy [...]

H2O: Elixir of Health and Vitality

Water. We can’t live without it. Literally. It comprises about 70% of adult body weight [...]

Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine

At Heart of Wellness, Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine is a key and integral part [...]

Heart of Wellness is on the Top 75 Naturopath Blogs!

This week we have been given the pleasure of accepting a fun award!  Heart of [...]

Don’t Let Allergies Keep You From Enjoying Summer!

Doesn’t seem like allergy season should be over by now? Not here in the Pacific [...]

Can Red Hot Chili Peppers Help You Lose Weight?

Bite into a hot pepper, or chilis, and you’ll instantly feel the ‘flame effect.’ But [...]

Vegan Stuffed Poblano Peppers

This easy, 9-ingredient plant-based meal is packed with flavor and delicious nutrition in every bite! [...]

Can You Rev-up Your Metabolism?

It’s not unusual to blame your shrink-resistant waistline on a slow metabolism. But that’s not [...]

Kitchari: An Ayurvedic Healing Stew

Incredibly tasty and nourishing, kitchari (kichadi) is a popular Indian dish. Kitchari combines a protein-mung [...]

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