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Get Creative with Circuit Training at Home or Outdoors

Whether you’ve been working out in a home gym or have been able to go [...]

Telemedicine for Your Health

Are you unsure about how to stay healthy during this pandemic and Are you unsure [...]

Staying Healthy Through Food and Lifestyle

The global pandemic we are experiencing has very acutely highlighted the importance of staying healthy [...]

Holistic Therapies for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings forth emotional ups and downs along with physical shifts that take place within [...]

Biomechanical Physical Therapy Assessment

Biomechanics: contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about sports or exercise performance. It’s about [...]

Move Well, Move Often – It May Save Your Life

Move well and move often: it’s smart advice for maintaining a strong, healthy body from [...]

Yoga Eyes and You

The idea that certain eye movement patterns can correct vision abnormalities such as near- or [...]

Kids And Yoga: Discover the Many Benefits

Under the guidance of a certified instructor, yoga classes for kids focus on building upon [...]

Move that Body: The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Regular aerobic activity, such as swimming, hiking, walking, and jogging, as well as group exercise [...]

The Network that Fuels Your Entire Body

The health of your heart – and actually of your entire body – depends upon [...]

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