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The Healing Power of Sound: The Solfeggio Frequencies

We’ve all experienced moments with music that has evoked memories, inspired creativity and celebration, shifted [...]

The Healing Power of Horses in Equine Therapy

Horses are magnificent, majestic, and mysterious creatures. Despite their large size, horses often display a [...]

Ease Muscle Pain, Bruising with Arnica

Native Americans have long used Arnica montana to ease the pain and inflammation associated with [...]

Wild Herb and Foraging Identification is Easy with an App!

If you’d like to learn more about the wild plants growing in your neck of [...]

The Morel: Nature’s Mystery Mushroom

With its thick, somewhat crooked stem and a cone-shaped top that resembles the crinkled nooks [...]

Wilderness Therapy: An Effective Option for Teens and Young Adults in Crisis

With greater attention on mental health and emotional wellbeing in recent years, more people are [...]

Sage: Clarity for Body and Mind

Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a fascinating botanical remedy that has been used by ancient and [...]

The 20/20/20 Rule for Protecting Eye Health

The eyes are “the window” through which we experience the world: taking in information, and [...]

Bilberries: Herbal Remedy Rich in Antioxidants

The “wild cousin” of blueberry, sweet and tangy bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) have been used as [...]

Cashews Many Health Benefits

Cashews, although considered a tree nut, are technically a dry fruit with one seed that [...]

Kids & Their Devices: Healthier Ways to Manage Screen Time

Adults and kids alike are spending as much as 50 percent more time using digital [...]

Traditional Herbal Remedy: Jamaica Dogwood

Jamaica dogwood (Piscidia erythrina or Piscidia piscipula) has been in use as a medicinal herb [...]

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