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Your Body Pain Shouldn’t Keep You From Feeling Great

Have you found yourself struggling with pain that seems to be resisting your body’s natural ability to heal? Maybe you experienced an injury and aren’t bouncing back as you usually would, or there was no apparent cause, and the pain came seemingly out of the blue. As days turn to weeks, you may find yourself limiting daily activity, no longer enjoying the activities you love. Even when you begin to recover, you find yourself limiting your movement because you know that even modest activity tends to aggravate it, putting you back to square one. Above all else, the emotional toll of feeling excluded from the activities you used to enjoy throws you into a depression and mindset that there is no healing and no means of recovering.

You are not alone. We offer a solution that incorporates specialized guidance about movement and function with support from a caring team that begins with your Physical Therapist.

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What Physical Therapy Helps With

What is Physical Therapy An Effective Treatment For?

How Does Physical Therapy Work

Physical therapy is a movement-based therapy specific to your health goals, your body, and your lifestyle. Physical therapists identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems. They help people maintain and restore as much function as possible. Our team helps you by teaching you how to relearn or fine-tune movements. Physical therapists help you manage pain, avoid surgery, prescription drugs, address chronic (long-term) conditions, and recover from and prevent injury.

Physical Therapy can be a starting point to diagnose pain. It can be used along with other treatment modalities to reduce pain as you begin to heal. It may also be recommended by your doctor following their diagnosis.

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A Visit With Your Physical Therapist

The first visit with your Physical Therapist is an opportunity to share your experiences about the condition or injury. We take the time to learn about your life, activity level, health habits, and how the pain or weakness has limited you from participating in the things you enjoy. We evaluate your injury or condition with empathy, testing a variety of areas, including your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, and more. Our team examines the areas of concern and assesses the motion and function of joints and surrounding tissues. Our approach allows us to create a treatment plan for your specific condition and offer goals to track your progression to recovery.

We work with you to make lasting modifications to behavior and show you different ways to perform specific movements to prevent re-injury, teaching you how to compensate correctly to reduce the risk of additional injury. Your therapist tracks and monitors your progress and offers an adaptable plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Find confidence in your abilities being restored because you know that your physical therapist is here to help support you in your healing.

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Meet Our Physical Therapists

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Michelle Walz, MPT
Physical Therapist

Michelle is a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor with a gentle treatment approach that integrates mindfulness, yoga, and holistic care into physical therapy. She provides a safe space that allows her patients to feel seen and heard. The type of yoga she offers is accessible to all patients, supporting them on their unique healing path.


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