Nutrient Tracking for More Healthful Eating

Keeping track of the nutritional quality of your meals can help you identify where you are meeting essential daily nutrient requirements and where you may be falling short in getting nutrients that are crucial to good health. This is especially important for people who are following a plant-based diet.

An easy way to do this–and one of the most reliable ways for doctors to help support your health journey–is to use a tracking app. There are many reliable ones out there. A well-known tracking app is the Cronometer, a highly accurate, comprehensive nutrition tracking app that is often recommended by healthcare practitioners and now used by 3.5 million people. Other nutrition tracking apps include My Fitness Pal, My Food Diary, and Wholesome.

No matter your health, fitness or nutrition goals, tracking apps can help you improve your health habits and achieve desired results. Check with your physician or nutritionist to see if they like a specific tracking app as many have a feature that allows you to share your logged information.

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