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L-theanine is an amino acid isolated from green tea (Camilla sinensis) and some mushroom varieties. [...]

Chocolate Glazed Peppermint Brownies

These treats are perfect for the winter months and best of all, you can use [...]

New Zealand Kiwi Quick Bread

There’s no better way to add a hint of summer to your winter day than [...]

Kiwi is a Nutrient Powerhouse

Easily recognized by its fuzzy tan skin and vibrant green flesh specked with tiny black [...]

Vegetarian Curry with Paneer and Cauliflower

This vegetarian curry will surprise even a diehard meat lover! A rich and creamy sauce [...]

Nutrient Tracking for More Healthful Eating

Keeping track of the nutritional quality of your meals can help you identify where you [...]

Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage: Oh, My!

Some folks might be surprised to learn that cabbage is not in the same category [...]

Healthy Pregnancy – for Mom and Baby

During pregnancy, a woman’s body creates an environment in which an entire human being is [...]

That’s One Powerful (Sweet) Potato!

Here’s an interesting fact: one medium sweet potato provides 100% of your daily needs for [...]


Digestive complaints are among the most common health concerns. If you’re experiencing distress, a holistic [...]

Skip the Gatorade and Make Your Own Electrolyte Drink

Why use a commercial electrolyte replacement beverage when you can make your own and know [...]

Bieler’s Broth

Dr. Henry Bieler was a visionary American physician who advocated for the treatment of disease [...]

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