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You probably already know a lot about what it takes to be healthy. Sometimes you just need a little extra help. At those times David Lerner excels at being your partner in realizing your health goals.

David combines his 21 year career in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with nutritional, botanical and lifestyle interventions based on the foundations of functional medicine. He works in conjunction with the Heart of Wellness physicians, often utilizing state of the art lab analysis and personalized genetic information, to hone in on the root issues that are likely causing ill health. Your treatment protocol will be unique to you, based on your own biochemical individuality. In addition, you’ll reap the benefits of having two experienced clinicians work on your health care in a collaborative manner. You know that it is important to eat a nutritious and healthful diet, to exercise regularly, and to get a sufficient amount of rest. But you also know that there are times that all this healthy living is still not enough to maintain optimal levels of health and well-being.

David is passionate about combining the innate wisdom of Oriental medicine with targeted nutritional/botanical protocols relying on evidence based data. He will educate you about your alternatives and will guide you in developing a comprehensive program for achieving and maintaining optimum health.

David has been working with cancer patients for 20 years from a functional medicine perspective. He has completed advanced training in the ETMS integrative oncology program ( with master herbalist/nutritionist Donnie Yance (, and continues ongoing study/case review with Donnie and his senior students. In addition, David is well versed in assisting patients with a variety of autoimmune, digestive, gynecological and hormonal disorders. David also has extensive experience treating chronic pain and sports injuries using acupuncture as a primary modality.

Call (360) 570-0401 to schedule a free consultation with David to find out if he and the Heart of Wellness physicians are the partners you need to realize your health goals!

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