Stress Management


Stress is a common occurrence in today’s fast-paced modern world and stress management is a necessary skill. Those who learn and incorporate effective stress management into the daily routine live healthier, more peaceful and joyful lives. This includes learning to identify problems and implement solutions. Figure out what triggers your stress. When, or in which situations, do you experience the most stress? Consider the obvious stressors such as job pressures, relationship problems and financial difficulties, as well as daily hassles, such as commuting and waiting in lines.

Once you have identified your stress triggers, think about coping strategies such as focusing on an aspect of the situation that you can control. If commuting is stressful you can try leaving for work earlier so you don’t feel so rushed while you’re driving. If you have health issues making a commitment to eating better can improve many health problems.

No matter what your stressors are everyone can benefit from finding some stress management tools and practicing them on a daily basis. Here are some practices that have been found to be very beneficial, especially if practiced on a regular basis.

  • Deep breathing
  • massage
  • tai chi
  • yoga
  • guided  meditation
  • prayer
  • getting out in nature

When choosing a relaxation technique, consider your specific needs, preferences, fitness level, and the way you tend to react to stress. Relaxation requires practice. Start with 10 minutes a day, and work your way up to 20 minutes a day of practice. Whatever activity you choose, it is important to remember that relaxation is a mentally active process that should leave your body relaxed, calm, and focused. The right relaxation technique will resonate with you, fit your lifestyle, and focus your mind. You may even find that alternating or combining different techniques will keep you motivated and provide you with the best results. Try a few and stick with what works best for you.

At Heart of Wellness we treat the whole person and educate our clients on the best practices shown to improve healing. If you’re experiencing the ill effects of stress or if you just want help learning how to better manage your stress, give our office a call at 360 570-0401 and book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and caring practitioners.

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