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Mighty Magnesium Helps You Meet Physical Demands

Magnesium is well-known for the role it plays in the structure and function of nerves [...]

Maca Root Meets High Energy Demands in Athletes

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii Walp) is a cruciferous root vegetable prized by the indegenous Andean [...]

Pistachio Date Granola

This is a simple, delicious, and versatile recipe. While we love the pistachio-date combination, you [...]

Dates: A Power Food for Athletes

For the endurance athlete, or those with a physically demanding job, dates are an excellent [...]

Exercise is Medicine

The evidence is compelling: Exercise is the prescription for a healthy life – it aids [...]

From Ancient Herb to Modern Medicine

Many of today’s modern medicines were first part of “folk” apothecaries, often handed down from [...]

Vitamin D Achieves Mainstream Medical Acceptance

It’s only within the last decade that a Vitamin D supplement became widely accepted by [...]

Yummy Chocolate Avocado & Black Bean Brownies

Out-of-this world yummy and healthy black bean brownies! These are made with avocado instead of [...]

Coconut Oil or EVOO? The Healthy Truth

Depending on who you believe, coconut oil is a nutritional miracle food or pure poison. [...]

Arsenic in Rice: Which Rice is Safest?

From Asian cuisine to gluten-free and other special diets, rice is a staple food for [...]

Become an Informed Consumer of Health Information

Eat this, not that. One day a certain supplement or medication is great for you, [...]

Keeping a Diet Diary

Whether you need to monitor eating habits to manage a health condition or because you [...]

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