The holidays are a time to gather with family, friends and those that might as well be family. It’s also a time to enjoy delicious, home cooked food together as we celebrate the abundance of the season. However, this time of year also comes with lots of stress and plenty of opportunities to succumb to habitual overeating or unhealthy food temptations.

The truth is, the food you share on your holiday table does not have to be unhealthy to be delicious. Our n certified nutritionist, Gwen Krieger, wants to help you to be able to fully enjoy the best this season has to offer.

  • Discover proven strategies for dealing with the challenges of eating healthy during the holidays.
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for a fun-filled holiday season packed with delicious and nutritious food ideas. Gwen has lots of recipes!
  • Learn how to handle holiday stress without overeating or succumbing to unhealthy food temptations.

We are a collaborative group practice that focuses on seeing the whole you, not just a list of symptoms, and healthy eating is the easiest way to be healthy. At Heart of Wellness, we provide education to empower you to take charge of your own healing. 

Gwen’s calendar is filling up and we want to fit you in to help you make healthy choices for both you and your family this holiday season. Gwen will send you home feeling confident and well-prepared to face the holidays with a plan for success. You will leave full of strategies, recipes, and other proven resources. Call us at 360-570-0401 to schedule an appointment today!

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